ATtiny2313/ATtiny4313 Datasheet, Pinout, Minimal Circuit, Maximum Frequency Calculator

The ATtiny2313 and ATtiny4313 have 18 programmable I/O pins, and run off of an internal 8MHz RC oscillator. They have a USART for serial communication, and provide a USI block which can be used for SPI. There is no ADC. One 8-bit and one 16-bit timer provide four PWM channels.

The ATtiny2313 is a favorite in the ATtiny family. The ATtiny2313 has a very adequate I/O range for many applications. If more than 2k of flash is needed, the ATtiny4313 provides 4k. If you need an ADC, but not a USART, the ATtiny24 might be a better choice.

Power Supply vs. Maximum Frequency

The calculator below provides a way to find the ATtiny2313's maximum operating frequency for any valid power supply voltage (1.8 to 5.5). Enter the power supply voltage and click "Calculate" to find the specified maximum at your Vcc.

Maximum Frequency Calculator for ATtiny2313/ATtiny4313

ATtiny2313/ATtiny4313 Features
Flash 2k4k
RAM 128B256B
I/O Pins 18
Interrupts 21
SPI 1[1]
ADC Channels 0
RT Counter (w/osc)0
Timers (8-bit) 1
Timers (16-bit) 1
PWM (8-bit) 2
PWM (16-bit) 2
Price (1's) $1.34$1.54
Power Consumption (approximate) 0.73mA/MHz
Maximum I/O Current (per pin) 40mA
Maximum I/O Current (all ports) 100mA
Maximum I/O Current (total) 200mA
  1. The USART doubles as an SPI master only interface

ATtiny2313/ATtiny4313 Datasheet

Link to ATtiny2313/ATtiny4313 datasheet from Atmel's website.

ATtiny2313/ATtiny4313 Pinout

ATtiny2313A-PU pinout

ATtiny2313/ATtiny4313 "Minimal" Circuit Diagram

The circuit below shows a programming port, reset circuit, and a crystal oscillator. Any or all of these could be left off and the device would function perfectly well.

ATtiny2313/ATtiny4313 minimal schematic diagram