ATtiny26 Datasheet, Pinout, Minimal Circuit, Maximum Frequency Calculator

The ATtiny26 is an 20-pin device with 16 available for I/O. It can be used anywhere a 2kB ATtiny with ADC is required and there isn't any need for a serial USART solution.

The ATtiny26A and -26L are 8-bit microcontrollers with an analog to digital converter and a PLL clock multiplier. The clock multiplier can run the high-speed timer at up to 64MHz, allowing for high speed PWM. The PWM has two non-overlapping outputs. There is no USART, but a USI with start detection easily replaces it.

Power Supply vs. Maximum Frequency

The ATtiny26 has a unique clock, featuring an internal RC clock that runs at 1, 2, 4, or 8MHz, with a PLL that takes the fast I/O clock up to 64MHz! The maximum CPU frequency is 16MHz with an external crystal.

Maximum Frequency Calculator for ATtiny26

ATtiny26 Features
Flash 2k
RAM 128B
I/O Pins 16
Interrupts 11
ADC Channels 11
RT Counter (w/osc)0
Timers (8-bit) 2
Timers (16-bit) 0
PWM (8-bit) 2
PWM (16-bit) 0
Price (1's) $3.13
Power Consumption (approximate) 1mA + (0.58mA/MHz)
Maximum I/O Current (per pin) 40mA
Maximum I/O Current (total) 200mA (PDIP)

ATtiny26 Datasheet

Link to ATtiny26 datasheet from Atmel's website.

ATtiny26 Pinout

ATtiny26-PU pinout

ATtiny26-MU pinout

ATtiny26 "Minimal" Circuit Diagram

The circuit below shows a basic standalone ATtiny26. The resistor on the RESET line is not required because there is an internal pullup on the line.

ATtiny26 minimal schematic diagram