ATmega162 Datasheet, Pinout, Minimal Circuit, Maximum Frequency Calculator

The ATmega162 is an extremely powerful and versatile microcontroller. To fully utilize it's capabilities would be quite a design task, though. Probably the most significant difference between the ATmega162 and most other AVRs is the external bus, which turns it into an 8-bit microprocessor of old. The only other 40-pin device like it is the ATmega8515, which also has an external memory bus. The external memory bus could easily support large amounts of memory-mapped I/O.

The ATmega162 has an external memory bus for interfacing up to 64k of memory. It has four timers - two 8-bit, and two 16-bit, as well as two USARTS. The device does not have an ADC. It is similar in function to the ATmega8515, but with twice the memory and more I/O.

Power Supply vs. Maximum Frequency

The ATmega162 is specified at a power supply voltage of 2.7V to 5.5V, 16MHz maximum frequency. It is rated 8MHz from 2.7V to 4.5V, and 16MHz above that. The ATmega162V is specified at a power supply voltage of 1.8V to 5.5V, and a clock frequency of 8MHz. It is rated at 1MHz from 1.8V to 2.4V, and 8MHz above that.

Maximum Frequency Calculator for ATmega162

ATmega162 Features
Flash 16k
RAM 1k
I/O Pins 35
Interrupts 28
ADC Channels 0
RT Counter (w/osc)1
Timers (8-bit) 2
Timers (16-bit) 2
PWM (8-bit) 4
PWM (16-bit) 2
Price (1's) $6.93
Power Consumption (approximate) 2.0mA/MHz@5V
Maximum I/O Current (per pin) 40mA
Maximum I/O Current (all ports) 100mA(low)/150mA(high)
Maximum I/O Current (total) 200mA (PDIP)
Maximum I/O Current (total) 400mA (QFP/MLF)

ATmega162 Datasheet

Link to ATmega162 datasheet from Atmel's website.

ATmega162 Pinout

ATmega162-PU pinout ATmega162-AU pinout

ATmega162 "Minimal" Circuit Diagram

The circuit below shows an expanded memory bus configuration on the ATmega162. The bus is demultiplexed by a 74HCT573, which latches the low byte of the address bus. To interface to 64k of memory and do any kind of parallel I/O would require modifications to the circuit.

ATmega162 minimal schematic diagram