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AVR Programmers

There is more than one way to program an AVR. We have parallel port, serial port, USB port, and standalone programmer designs that have all been built and tested. Look here if you find yourself in a pinch.

ATmega Data

Information and comparitive data on many ATmega microcontrollers. There is a table of parameters on the devices, pinouts of some popular packages, and a minimal schematic.

ATtiny Data

ATtiny microcontrollers are bigger than their name suggests. We have gathered information on the specifications, and use of the tiny MCUs. There is a parameter table on the device, pinouts, and a schematic of a minimal circuit.

AVR Articles

An ever expanding list of articles on the practical use of the 8-bit AVR family of microcontrollers. Many of the designs are to make development easier, but some are just plain fun.